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We are always interested in meeting skilled, seasoned experts in all fields of tech implementation (see our list here) who are ready to help our Clients implement their vision through our Design, Scope and Budget.  We rely on our trusted partner network of companies and individuals to deliver for our Clients, so we are selective about who we work with.

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Tech Tinkerer (Co-op)

Full-time Co-op

Student Position

May - Aug 2021

JTD Consulting is a tech consulting company specializing in system design and solution architecture for IoT.  Our clients are deeply ingrained in their traditionally non-technical industries and want to bring a tech solution into their industry.  We are their trusted partners to help them bring their tech vision to life.  We help them validate their plans, design their overall system, execute their vision through our partners and ultimately be ready to enter the market with their solution.



We are looking for a student hobbyist who loves to tinker.  We want someone who plays with electronics and code to build prototypes and understand how things work together.  We're hoping to find a true "Jack/Jill of all trades" who can work with the Management Team to perform all kinds of tasks to help us support our clients; such as doing some quick mechanical tweaks, soldering components onto a board, creating a quick app to test wireless connectivity or whipping up a website that reads some simple data from a database.  If you love exploring how things work and have a broad base of skills to "get things working", this job is for you.


Location and Availability:

This is a full-time paid co-op position.  Since the position requires interacting with hardware and equipment, we'll be looking for someone able to be physically present in our office in Waterloo, Ontario.  Our office follows all COVID-19 provincial and federal guidelines for safety in the workplace.


Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Taking direction from the Management team and managing the work assigned independently

  • Working in whatever aspects of the following areas are needed to demonstrate ideas and create prototypes for client work:

    • Hardware: electronics prototyping, soldering, hand-modifying, working with hardware dev kits, mechanical modifications, 3D printing (using our various printing equipment)

    • Software: embedded firmware applications, drivers, web apps, scripting, backend

    • Sourcing and procurement of parts, open source code bases, etc. to suit the budget and constraints for each project

  • Additional electronics and engineering work as required


Required Skills:

  • We're a small team, so we are looking for a self-starter who has strong fundamentals and an abundance of enthusiasm to work collaboratively yet independently

  • Be comfortable working with electronics/software to solve most issues that arise independently/using online resources

  • Proven ability to build something that "works"

  • Flexibility to change and adapt in a fast-paced environment

  • Most importantly, a good attitude and willingness to learn is critical

  • Must be a post-secondary student in a relevant field eligible to work full-time for 4 month placement

To Apply:

Please submit a brief description of your qualifications, sample projects and relevant experience along with your resume and contact information to

We truly appreciate all applicants who express interest in this position.  However, only selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.